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TV is proven by every major study to be the most effective form of advertising pound for pound. Nothing else comes close to its power to generate sales, create profit and drive business both in the short and long term.

Brands that have invested in TV tend to continue investing for the long-term because they witness its amazing effects. But, for first-timers, TV advertising can seem a little daunting. It can sometimes seem that only big brands advertise on TV.  In the last three years, over 2,000 brands in the UK tried TV either for the first time or returned to it after a period of 5 years or more off the screen.

The many developments that broadcast TV has seen over the last decade, in addition to the ongoing expansion of TV onto new platforms, means that there’s almost no-one you can’t reach through TV and nothing you can’t make them feel, believe or do.

Rogue Gene Advertising is an independent TV Advertising Agency that can deliver what you need, on time and within budget.

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Full Service: Media Planning & Buying (Sky, C4 and ITV Channels), Creative and Production, Pre and Post Production Clearance, Campaign Analysis.

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