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It might be that you want to target a very specific audience in order to sell a particular product aimed directly at them. For example, if you were a nappy brand you might want to target housewives with kids aged 0-3. In which case, you could use programmes such as One Born Every Minute (index of 332 for HW+Kids vs adults).

It’s not just regular demographics that can be targeted with television these days. There are a number of tools that can help us understand who we are speaking to and find the best way of communicating to them. For example, TGI provides comparable data on the UK population asking respondents about demographics, brands and product use as well as leisure activities, media exposure and preference alongside their attitudes and motivations.

Some television channels also offer the ability to target viewers regionally. ITV offer a full regional service with 12 different regions and Channel five also offer 5 macro regions: London, South Central, North, Scotland and Ulster.

Multi-channel doesn’t allow for regional advertising, with the exception of Sky AdSmart which allows for more specific and granular targeting on Sky’s wholly owned channels. Sky AdSmart allows advertisers to target households specifically based on factors such as age, location and life stage from a combination of Sky’s own customer data as well as information from consumer profile experts like Experian.

Rogue Gene Advertising is an independent TV Advertising Agency that can expertly plan your airtime using all research and planning tools available.

Sometimes, simple can be highly effective


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