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VOD is everywhere. It means 'video-on-demand', but this can mean different things to different people, depending on what the video content is, where and when it is watched, and on what screen it is watched.

On-demand TV viewing has never been easier, whether via a TV set or on another device.   Last year, broadcaster VOD arrived on people’s main TV set, either via a smart TV or via one of the many set-top boxes that offer it (from Freeview, Sky, Virgin, Freesat, Youview, BT Vision etc.) or via games consoles. 

But the increasing ownership of tablets and smartphones are enabling viewers to watch content wherever and whenever they like. Previously, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G were a requirement, but now broadcasters are enabling viewers to download content for 30 days to a mobile device so they can watch it wherever and whenever they want.  The latest figures from IPSOS Q1 2013 Tracker show that 25% of UK adults now own a tablet and 53% own a smart phone.

Pre-roll ads delivered via the web have a return path and most are clickable.  These can deliver strong response levels and this makes VOD advertising the ideal stepping stone between brand advertising and advertiser websites.

It has the additional ability to deliver personalised advertising, at a household level for a shared set or at an individual level on personal devices. The major players include Broadcaster VOD, Google, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, which the Agency is, literally tuned in to.

Rogue Gene Advertising is an independent TV Advertising Agency can accurately deliver the target audience however, whatever and whenever they are watching, on time and within budget.

On demand in demand

The UK market for digital video advertising on social networks and news websites is expected to grow by nearly a quarter every year for the next five years, according to a recent study of the media industry.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are expected to battle it out with traditional media for their share of the expected boom..

Although the television industry is not expected to grow as fast as the internet, it is not predicted to suffer.

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