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Business comes in all shapes and sizes, rather like our clients and the commercials we produce and air for them. Over time we have worked for some pretty streamlined companies wanting to test some ideas on television, through to established local and national businesses. Often we have been recommended by broadcasters for ideas, concepts and proposals. Clients include Retail Groups, Shopping Centres, Garden Centres, Mobility, Financial, Claims Management, Home Improvements and Online Businesses.

We have worked with Record Labels briefed specifically for spot buying with a fixed airtime budget. The Agency has bought strategically to deliver.

Our DRTV clients have varied budgets, but in most cases, after testing, they have found response is scalable (ie, double the spend, double the repsonse). We have also worked on cooperative manufacturer / retailer campaigns using elements of previously produced commercials, providing the retail group with massive coverage and the manufacturer greatly reduced airtime costs.

We have recently won a client back from a ‘Top 10’ agency, who oversold their abilities and due to their neglect in planning and poor channel buying, could not deliver like for like.

Rogue Gene Advertising is an independent TV Advertising Agency that can deliver the audience you need, on time and within budget.


Who we work for

Our clients include Local and National brands. Campaigns include Spot Buying, DRTV and Brand Awareness.

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