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In 2013, the average TV viewer in the UK watched a total of just over 3 hours, 55 minutes of TV a day. The overwhelming majority of this, some 98.5% was enjoyed on a TV set. If you include TV viewing on non-TV set devices we’re watching 12 minutes more than a decade ago.

Commercial impacts during 2013 were up 1.6% on 2012, and have grown by 10.4% over the last five years. The average viewer watched 47 ads a day, four ads more a day than five years ago. Collectively the UK watched an average of 2.7 billion ads a day in 2013.

Television has always had the capacity to reach a large number of people in one go. For example a spot in Britain’s Got Talent could deliver 14 million people. However, these days TV also has the ability to deliver small, niche, highly targeting audience.

BARB measures over a hundred different audiences, but most broadcasters will only trade on about 20 audiences. Rogue Gene Advertising will convert the target audience you are trying to reach into the buying audience that best fits.

Rogue Gene Advertising is an independent TV Advertising Agency that can deliver the audience you need, on time and within budget.
TV Facts
People are watching the majority of their TV viewing live, 88% of viewing in Q1 2014 was viewed live.

Commercial viewing dominates total TV viewing with a 64% share.

Commercial TV reach has remained stable over the last 5 years, reaching 73% of the population in a day and 94% in a week.

Source: BARB Jan-Dec 2013

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